When A Couple Works From Home

(Toledo, OH) Pictured on your left is my home office space, a place where I spend up to 10 hours per day in my role as an online instructor. The area might seem a bit cluttered to the casual observer, suggesting the need for a comprehensive document management system, but I find the space to be perfect.

Interestingly, my wife also started working from home this semester, and there has been a bit of an adjustment period for the two of us. We have always worked well together, so that is not the issue, but rather we are trying to get used to working on opposite sides of a 12'x12' room. I suspect that one day we might have to create separate office spaces, but for the moment we manage to share the space with little difficulty.

The most challenging times have been when we are both trying to conduct business over the phone or via a live chat with students, as the space is too small for multiple simultaneous conversations.