Chief Wawatam

(Mackinaw City, MI) Pictured on your left is a wood carving of Wawatam, an Ojibwa chief whose base was at Michilimackinac. Unlike many tourist attractions, this carving possessed a decided lack of campiness, and I think the artist managed to create a work of art devoid of the sort of kitsch I normally associate with Native American representations.

Still, the chief looks like he could have benefited from learning how to treat eczema, or at least the finished product makes Wawatam look a bit scaly. Maybe the constant exposure to sun, wind, and water have resulted in a skin tone on the carved figure, but Wawatam looks like a thousand miles of bad road here.


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nice blog, ill be back to check it out more.

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I just finished reading the story about this chief and his kindness in rescuing Alexander Henry, because he recognised the face of Alex from a dream he had in his youth during his time of fasting from the Great Spirit. In his dream he had adopted an Englishman as his son, brother and friend. This actually then took place, and saved this man. From a book edited by: Frederick Drimmer- called "Captured by Indians" (adventursome firsthand accounts from the 1700's & 1800's)
-Thanks for posting the photo :)

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