Fuchsia-and-Yellow Daylily

(Toledo, OH) The sun in this image provides backlight to this daylily, and the effect of the sun's light is to brighten the colors on the petals. The flower's true colors could best be described as fuchsia-hued, and there are some interesting saffron hues in the center of the petals.

I think the image would have been improved had I waited another hour to take the photograph, as the 6:30 pm summer sun was still a bit too bright for capturing the essence of this flower. Yet I am pleased enough with the picture to post it on the blog, and being obsessed with perfection would mean that I would have little time left to simply enjoy the colors of summer.

Gotta do more of that, especially since I have more free time due to my stay-at-home work helping students pursue an online degree.


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