Birthday Cake Graffiti

(Montreal, Quebec) While vacationing in Montreal a few weeks ago I cam across an unusual example of highway graffiti. Pictured on your left is an urban artist's rendition of a birthday cake, replete with candles.

It appears that the birthday cake was directed toward a specific person, in this case a 10-year-old child. The colorful birthday pastry was adorned with lots of gooey-looking blue frosting and red candies, leading me to hope that - if there was a real-life model upon which the graffiti cake was based - the recipient of the cake also took a daily multivitamin to balance the sugar overdose with some healthy nutritional supplements.

In most of the parts of the United States in which I have lived, graffiti is seen as a nuisance or even as a sign of urban blight. Yet in much of the rest of the world graffiti is considered to be a legitimate art form, and foreigners are often puzzled at the vehemence against graffiti that many Americans display.


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