Ten Cent Marigolds

(Toledo, OH) Last fall I purchased a bunch of seed packets at a local Rite Aid store. Now, I do not normally rely upon a chain pharmacy to supply my gardening needs, but at the closeout price of a dime a pack I could hardly pass up these flower and vegetable seeds. After all, even if they failed to germinate I would only be out two dollars or so.

Interestingly, the marigolds pictured on your left are from a single 10-cent pack of seeds. I have several large plant containers around the yard that feature some of these ridiculously inexpensive displays, and I would have paid ten dollars or more to get this many flowers if I purchased them by the flat.

Marigolds provide season-long color that screams at you, the kind of colorful brilliance you would expect from a Samsung HDTV, except in real life.

Go figure.


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