Crimson Daylily

(Toledo, OH) I purchased a variety of daylilies from a local grower in Lambertville last year, and I am highly impressed with their quality. At the risk of hyperbole, this grower is to daylilies as Vacheron Constantin is to watches: high quality, stunning beauty, and unexcelled durability.

This particular crimson daylily created an eye-appealing contrast against the dark green of other plants in my garden when I took this image. There was also an interesting glistening effect after a late afternoon shower that made the daylily look like Italian gelato.

Time for a frozen treat break.

Ten Cent Marigolds

(Toledo, OH) Last fall I purchased a bunch of seed packets at a local Rite Aid store. Now, I do not normally rely upon a chain pharmacy to supply my gardening needs, but at the closeout price of a dime a pack I could hardly pass up these flower and vegetable seeds. After all, even if they failed to germinate I would only be out two dollars or so.

Interestingly, the marigolds pictured on your left are from a single 10-cent pack of seeds. I have several large plant containers around the yard that feature some of these ridiculously inexpensive displays, and I would have paid ten dollars or more to get this many flowers if I purchased them by the flat.

Marigolds provide season-long color that screams at you, the kind of colorful brilliance you would expect from a Samsung HDTV, except in real life.

Go figure.

Early Summer Dahlia

(Toledo, OH) The exceptionally warm spring we experienced in Northwest Ohio has translated into some unusually early blossoms. Pictured on your left is a red-and-pink Dahlia that emerged the other morning a few weeks ahead of schedule.

Dahlias in this area are fickle and delicate plants, and the rhizomes of most will not survive a winter underground in this region. If these were underwater plants, they probably would not need aquatic weed control beyond a quick chopping with a scythe.

Still, Dahlias bring color several months of the year, carrying well into autumn around these parts. I suppose this makes the digging up and storage of rhizomes worth the effort.


Raspberry Daylily

(Toledo, OH) Pictured on your left is a daylily I noticed in my neighbor's yard the other day. There was a sense of raspberry that entered my mind when I first noticed this flower, though in the image the pink hues seem stronger than I remembered.

I briefly thought about raspberry sherbet (in a moment when apidexin and weight loss were not top-of-mind) and then the word "raspberry" reminded me of the Prince song "Raspberry Beret," one of my favorite tunes by the Minneapolis songwriter.

Stopping to photograph the flowers sometimes does this to me.


Downtown Montreal

(Montreal, QC) I took the accompanying photograph from atop Mont Royal, the small mountain that to the north of the city of Montreal's central business district. My wife and I made the mistake of climbing Mont Royal via a direct route to the top, and we were a bit chagrined that we did not take the time to learn that an STM bus route regularly deposits sightseers at the top of the mountain.

It took my calves and ankles a few days to forget the surprisingly strenuous effort required to ascend Mont Royal. We are yet at the age where wrinkle creams are of concern to us, but these 46-year-old legs definitely ached in response to our vigorous exercise.

My advice: either take the bus or walk the paved paths, which trade distance for elevation.


Mentor Marsh: Aerial View

(Lake, OH) While flying from Cleveland to Montreal last week I noticed the distinctive feature in the image on your left. I had to consult Google Maps in order to figure out exactly what it was I was looking at, and it turned out to be the Mentor Marsh state park.

Scenic aerial views like this meant that any quest for the best sleep aids was pointless, as I was too wired to worry about matters somnolent.


Table Dresses

(Montréal, QC) I just caught the depicted women out of the corner of my eye while walking in Montréal the other day. Their colorful table dresses looked like they would be a lot of fun to wear, though admittedly I would probably need to be plastered before I donned a dress.

At least as far as anyone on this blog knows. :-)

And with the pep in their steps, I think that these women were a million miles away from the somnolent effects of sleeping pills, though these days anything is possible.

Habitat 67

(Montréal, QC) This is a view of the housing complex known as Habitat 67, which is located on the Marc-Drouin Quay on the Saint Lawrence River. I took this image while on a tour boat in the Old Port of Montréal, and it was on the boat that I learned of the history of the complex (you can read more by following the above Wikipedia link).

At first glance the structures seemed unnecessarily boxy, but the aesthetic beauty of the buildings eventually grew on me the more I viewed them from across the water in the days I spent in Montréal. At first the buildings looked like a bunch of cardboard boxes stacked upon each other, like those cartons you might find multivitamins or aspirin inside, but after a period of time there is a synergy with the interlocked structures that is eye-appealing.