New Life for an Abused Dog

(Toledo, OH) Pictured on your left is Missy, an eight-year old Terrier mix that we adopted last year. Missy was in an abusive home before being rescued by Planned Pethood, and we fostered her for six months until we finally decided that our house was destined to be her forever home.

When Missy first came to our house, she was emaciated and hairless, weighing in at only 12 pounds. In the past year all of her hair grew back, she put on ten pounds, and Missy is beginning to be socialized again. She often seeks out affection, which is a far cry from the frightened and skittish creature who was almost unable to walk after being neglected for many months.

Missy, of course, does not mind that most of our carpets and rugs have seen their better days. In fact, she probably prefers a well-worn rug to a brand new floor covering, truth be told. This is part of what what "home" is all about to a dog.


Blogger Mad Jack said...

Nice of you to rescue her, Mike.

3:36 PM  

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