Pensive Puggle

(Toledo, OH) Pictured on your left is Eddie Haskell, one of our Puggles and the undisputed king of Ch√Ęteau Brooks. Eddie is quite the lovable young dog, though he has a moody side. At the time of this photo he was looking at me with an element of skepticism.

Eddie has dark markings around his eyes, something that a human might want to address with a quality night eye cream. This adds to the seriousness with which Eddie sometimes seems to gaze.

Of course, Eddie is just a dog, right?


Advertising Bozart's Gallery

(Toledo, OH) The car on your left is parked in front of Bozart's Fine Art and Music Gallery in Toledo's Warehouse District. Jerry Gray, the owner of Bozart's Gallery, painted the vehicle to help advertise the community of artists whose works can be found at Bozart's.

As busy as Jerry is, he has no use for fat burner products, but someone like me (a person in possession of an extra 20 pounds or so) could benefit from caloric and lipid reduction.

Tulip Time!

(Toledo, OH) Nothing announces the arrival of spring as colorfully as the bursts of bright hues that accompany the blooming of tulips. The orange-red tulips on the left increased significantly in number from 2009 to 2010, moving from seven to sixteen bulbs over the course of one year.

If only my weight loss could be so impressive!

Of course, considering the results posted by people with their Alli reviews, perhaps I could benefit from the use of such a product. Certainly the amount of fat I eat would be mitigated by a fat-blocker like Alli.


Canine in Flight

(Toledo, OH) Well, almost a canine in flight.

Pictured on your left is a stray dog we found yesterday, and which we were successfully able to reunite with her owner. I thought she was a Westie mix, but it turns out that this little cutie is a Miniature Schnauzer. Her feistiness was endearing, as was her rambunctiousness, but in the end the doggie was happiest with her mama.

And frankly our own dogs do enough damage to our outdoor furniture without adding another rowdy canine to the mix.


Clean Water, Dirty Air

(Monroe, MI) There is a certain irony in this image, which was taken while traveling northbound on I-75 in southeastern Michigan. In the foreground is the Monroe Wastewater Treatment Plant, which ostensibly serves to mitigate the effects of human habitation on the environment.

In the background are smokestacks of the coal-powered Edison generating plant, long a contributor to local pollution (though admittedly scrubbers were added in the last few years to reduce sulphur-based emissions).

Perhaps one day there will be special lines of urban clothing to compensate for the toxins we regularly ingest. I am thinking, though, that such outfits would have more in common with biohazard suits than with the baggy pants so beloved by today's trendy fashionistas.

Gas Station at Dusk

(Allen Park, MI) Yes, this is only a Clark gas station in a suburb of a city in the middle of the American Rust Belt, but the colors in this sunset both contrasted with and complemented the facility's neon in an eye-appealing way.

The station is located on Allen Road, and I viewed the sunset while eating ice cream, pausing to snap a few images by placing my camera on the dashboard and using one of the pre-programmed sunset settings. If you look closely you can see a few windshield smudges, the most egregious of which I PhotoShopped out.

Clogging up my hard drive with images like this (and the dozen more I took) means that I need to consider to buy memory components pretty soon.