Chorus of Grackles

(Toledo, OH) I had to walk a mile to pick up a car from the repair shop this morning, and I was encouraged to hear the sound of songbirds in my neighborhood. Over the course of the winter many of the birds in my area migrate southward, and only the hardiest birds remain for the entire winter in Northwest Ohio.

I am not sure if the common grackle migrates much in this area - we are near the border of regions in which there is some migration among grackles. However, I can say that I have heard very few grackles this winter.

At least until this morning.

I passed a tree that was filled with grackles, and they engaged in a variety of calls. This ranged from the loud "gate-screech" call to some more tuneful whistles, and the result was an impressive cacophony of noises from the hundreds of grackles in the tree. I doubt that they were discussing motorhome towing, but you never know: I did not see what manner of travel they used when they arrived.


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