February Sun

(Toledo, OH) As singer Johnny Nash once said: "It seems like years since it's been clear," and I had to take a short break from grading to soak up a few chilly rays from the full February sun. Pictured on the left is one of my flower gardens, although you can only see the tips of my yucca plants sticking out from the four-foot snow banks that piled up from drifts and shoveling last week.

That storm - while it did not send me scurrying for anti aging products - nonetheless reminded me of my gradual decline from youthful energy. I have been bothered with a nagging backache since the waves of snowstorms started, and I have come to the realization that I either need to invest in a snow blower or a hardy snow shoveler from this point forward, especially if I am going to play Good Neighbor and clear the driveways of my elderly neighbors.


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