Tree in Winter at Dusk

(Toledo, OH)A recent sunset offered some brilliant colors to those hardy souls who were brave enough to stand in wind chills approaching zero degrees Fahrenheit. The backlit effect in this elm tree is interesting, and the positioning of the tree and the background colors reminded me a bit of The Scream, painted by by Norwegian expressionist Edvard Munch.

Though cold and windy, the conditions around the tree were not nearly as terrifying as the imagined horrors that plagued the protagonist in Munch's painting. That being said, I should acknowledge that terror is relative and individualized, and that which frightens me might cause barely a ripple of fear in someone else. Conversely, the idea of RV towing seems mundane to me, but I have little doubt that someone, somewhere stays awake at nights on this subject.

Except a tree, that is. To my knowledge scientists have not demonstrated that trees are sentient beings, though it is true that trees can communicate with each other. I am not sure what this tree might be communicating, but my tendency to anthropomorphize leads me to believe that this tree should not be described as "happy."


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