Toledo Band Ocean of Deceit

(Toledo, OH) I had the opportunity to destroy a few of the remaining layers of my tympanic membrane while attending a show by Toledo-based band Ocean of Deceit. I am not sure whether to characterize the group as post-hardcore, post-screamo, or thrash-metal-meets-deathcore, but the tightly-rehearsed group played an energetic set in front of dozens of fans at Frankie's Inner City.

I am too old to be regularly abusing my external auditory meatus to such a sonic assault, but it is important to support local musicians, at least as much as one can before aggravating any existing conductive hearing loss.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

well mike, i hope yuu atleast liked the show.. its nice to see support for young musicians tryin to make it big. i would be rather excited to hear more about this band and to see their status rise as time goes on!

9:30 AM  

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