DenTek Complete Clean Textured Easy Sliding Floss

I received a sample of DenTek's high quality dental floss to try out, and I found the product to be quite effective at reaching some of the tight spaces between my teeth. Here is a short video I produced about the dental floss:

If you are concerned about oral health care, be sure to check out the complete clean floss that DenTek's braided PTFE fibers provide. The floss does not shred, slides easily between teeth, and thoroughly removes any residual food and plaque that can contribute to tooth decay and other health problems.

The suggested retail price for this excellent floss is $2.99, and you can purchase the floss online at the DenTek store.

This review is a result of a feedback campaign by DenTek Oral Care Inc. The recipients were asked to give their honest opinion about the product they received. Good reviews were not incentivized and poor reviews will not be censored for their opinion of the product.


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