Jeep Chicks Rule

(Toledo, OH) I tried to figure out the meaning of the message on the Jeep that was in front of me the other day. It could be that the owner was trying to say that women who drive Jeeps are cool, or that women who work at the local Jeep plant are extraordinary.

Or maybe that women who work at Jeep AND drive Jeeps are especially cool.

Of course, in this day of instantaneous media and ubiquitous self-broadcasting, I could simply wait for the inevitable Bluray version of the upcoming film Jeep Chicks Rule, a pirated copy of which will probably exist before the retail version hits the stores.


Black Squirrel, Green Grass

(Bowling Green, OH) While I have certainly seen black squirrels before, I am a bit surprised at the large number of them to be found on the campus of Bowling Green State University. In my walks on campus I encounter black squirrels just about every day, and the dark coloring of these rodents seems to make them stand out a bit more as they scamper about in search of food.

I am not quite ready to suggest that these squirrels are so numerous that they might need to think about directory submissions in order to keep organized their territory and mating information, but they are indeed many in number. At times these squirrels seem to outnumber their red, gray, and brown co-Sciuridae collaborators in hijinks.


Scott Clemmensen

(Detroit, MI) Pictured in the middle of the hockey players on your left is Scott Clemmensen, goaltender for the Florida Panthers of the National Hockey League. I watched Clemmensen play one of the best games of his career Friday night as he turned away 39 of 40 shots en route to a 2-1 Panthers win over the Detroit Red Wings at Joe Louis Arena.

As much as I am a fan of the Red Wings, I still had to appreciate the fine play of the journeyman Clemmensen, who has played for three NHL teams in a 12-year pro career. He stopped slapshots, wristshots, and a ton of close range shots by the Wings, and I tip my proverbial cap to his goaltending.


Trying Out the DenTek Oral Mouth Guard

I was recently selected to review a dental mouth guard product for DenTek Oral Care. The mouth guard is designed to reduce the wear and tear on teeth associated with bruxism, which is a tendency to grind one's teeth. I have long fit this category, and I thought that the opportunity might also help me extend the lifespan of my molars and incisors. Here is a short video I created while wearing the mouth guard:

In order to create the permanent mouth guard, you simply boil water and submerge the mouth guard for 45 seconds. After a 10-second cooling-off period, the mouth guard can be custom fitted to your teeth, and in a mere two minutes the mouth guard will have set.

I wore the mouth guard last night, and it did not take long for me to adjust to its presence. I think that regular use of the DenTek Oral mouth guard will be a significant benefit to anyone who experiences bruxism. Of course, be sure to consult your dentist about tooth and jaw pain, as these can be signs of serious problems that this product is not equipped to address. I should also add that this is a nighttime bruxism product, and the mouth guard should not be used as a sports device.

Anyways, be sure to consider this product if you - like me - suffer from bruxism.

This review is a result of a feedback campaign by DenTek Oral Care, Inc. The recipients were asked to give their honest opinion about the product they received. Good reviews were not incentivized and poor reviews will not be censored for their opinion of the product.


All the Trees are...Bare

(Toledo, OH) A walk around my yard confirmed my suspicions: all of the trees within 50 yards of my house have lost what remained of their leaves. My workload over the last few days has been heavy, and I spent little time outdoors, so the few minutes I spent outside seemed almost surreal.

After all, it seems like there was plenty of fall color just a few days ago.

If the temperatures were colder, I might begin dreaming of a cold weather getaway, and the idea of Orlando vacations might creep into my head. However, the warm weather over the last couple of fall afternoons precluded me from daydreaming about warmer locales.


The Mighty Maumee River

(Maumee, OH) There is nothing especially eye-catching in this image of the Maumee River, which I captured while riding as a passenger in a moving vehicle this morning. The image is the view looking westward on the Maumee from the Michael V. DiSalle Bridge . Even the occasional construction marker seemed more like a sconce than roadside clutter on this warm Saturday afternoon, as folks like me in Northwest Ohio enjoyed temperatures that approached 70 degrees.

The Maumee River, of course, would not have been nearly so warm, and there were few boats visible in the late morning on its waters.

The Puggle and St. Francis

(Toledo, OH) From this angle this Puggle - whose name is Eddie Haskell - appears to be gazing back at my statue of St. Francis of Assisi. The namesake of my backyard statuary, of course, is the patron saint of animals, though both of my Puggles frequently use the stone figure as a destination for their territorial marking.

Neither dog is particularly concerned about the health benefits of using water filters, as they also like to eagerly lap the water from the nearby birdbath. Their patron saint can merely watch over them with his stony gaze, but their own actions determine much of their fate.


Lazy Clouds and a Hidden Sun

(Toledo, OH) I took a few minutes last week to engage in the time-honored tradition of cloud gazing. I tried to visualize shapes in the sky, but nothing seemed to jump out at me.

I did, however, enjoy the effects of the hidden sun as it seemed to bend around the clouds in an effort to make its presence felt. Even the thickest clouds could not completely blot out the sun, though some clouds were dense enough to prevent most of the sun's rays from passing through.