On Clueless Guys, Quality Jewelry, and Expert Advice

I have long been a fan of simplicity when it comes to gold or silver items. I personally do not wear a significant amount of jewelry, and the few pieces I wear carry some sort of personal history, such as my wedding ring or my watch.

For example, I found the Victorianesque detail to work well in highlighting the gemstone in this black onyx bracelet offered by online retailer Bella True. Of course, if I blindly went out and purchased a pair of diamond rings without consulting my wife, I suspect my noble intentions might wind up actually disappointing the person I wanted to surprise.

Bella True offers thoughtful advice in a website section labeled "Tips for Guys". I find that this is a no-pressure company that seems more interested in matching consumers with products they can afford than with the pushy sales tactics some companies use. In particular I found the company's anniversary gifts suggestions to be of value. I can never remember the traditional gift for the significant anniversaries, and they wisely updated the list to get rid of some of the odd traditional "gifts," like paper and leather.

Of course, there is a certain simplicity in paper, but I prefer to spend my anniversary in a place other than the dog house.


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