Ted's Hamburger Shop, Toledo

(Toledo, OH) While meeting someone for lunch in downtown Toledo the other day, I came across a boarded-up local culinary icon: Ted's Hamburger Shop. It has been years since the place closed, and even more years since I ate there, but I can still recall the odor of onions, grease, and cigarette smoke that hit you as soon as you walked inside the building on the corner of Erie and Monroe streets.

Not a healthy smell, I must admit, though there is something nostalgic about those old-time hamburger shacks. Maybe not even a friendly nostalgia, since these fat-and-cholesterol laden lipid bombs probably contained more unhealthy substances than a pack of Marlboros, but maybe this was a more innocent time.

A time when a young person could saunter into Ted's and eat three or four of these hamburgers without a care in the world.


Blogger Fire Fox said...

Are the White Tower's still around? I think I remember one on Jefferson and one on Sylvania Ave? Was there one at Monroe and Central? They were a life saver - being open 24/7! We don't have that luxury here on the Cape! How about the White Hut (if I remember the name correctly)on Cherry Street?

4:37 PM  
Blogger historymike said...

There are still a few White Towers around, like the one on Sylvania Ave. in the Five Points area.

I don't think any White Huts remain, though Cherry Street has a relatively new White Castle.

1:17 PM  

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