Berdan and Company

(Toledo, OH) Thus reads the marble inscription on downtown Toledo's Berdan Building, a beautiful structure built in 1902 and still waiting for an owner with the financial means to renovate the structure. There have been several groups with bold plans, but each of these schemes has collapsed.

With the current economic implosion, the Berdan Building may be waiting even longer.


Tulips and Picket Fence

(Toledo, OH) The squirrels dug up about one-third of the tulip bulbs we planted last fall in this small garden, but enough survived the squirrel onslaught to create a brilliant orange foreground against this white picket fence.

I endeavor to provide greater amounts of seeds and corn cobs next fall and spring to buy off these crafty bulb-stealing rodents.


Pale Yellow Tulip

(Toledo, OH) Pictured on your left is the first of many yellow tulips we planted last fall. We splurged on about 200 bulbs to add more color to our gardens, though the neighborhood squirrels have done their best to dig up the focus of our hard work.

Still, most of the daffodils survived the squirrel terrorist actions, and I already see dozens of new (to our yard) tulip plants pushing through the soil. Perhaps investing in corn cobs and other squirrel treats would be an act of appeasement with terrorists, but this is a small price to pay for horticultural peace of mind.

Five Dogs, Four Leashes, and Two Humans

(Toledo, OH) As foster parents with Planned Pethood, my wife and I always have an extra dog or two in our house. Normally extra dogs pose few logistical issues, but our attempt to walk all five dogs at once was more difficult than I imagined.

The toughest problem to address was the tangling of leashes. Our two Puggles walk well together on a tandem harness with one leash, but the 6-month-old Dachshund we are fostering kept getting tangled with the Puggles.

And when five dogs simultaneously noticed a chattering squirrel, let's just say that a chaotic situation became untenable.


Tulip, Ready to Bloom

(Toledo, OH) The cold spring rains of the past two days did not deter this tulip from progressing toward a full blossom, though it will probably be tomorrow before this first tulip opens all the way.

After planting hundreds of bulbs last fall - and bribing the squirrels with bird seed to keep them away from the bulbs - we look forward to the arrival of an avalanche of color. We already have a few dozen yellow daffodils brightening up the yard, but nothing beats tulips for sheer beauty.


Lucas French in Motion

(Toledo, OH) Lucas French of the Toledo Mud Hens pitched an excellent game this evening, and in the picture he is bearing down for his fourth strikeout. In all French fanned eight Columbus Clippers in six innings, and he looked like he could have beaten any team on the planet tonight. He had good control, an excellent mix of breaking pitches and fastballs, and French exhibited a feistiness that bodes well for his future as a potential major league prospect.


Curious Goose

(Perrysburg, OH) I am not sure what this Canadian goose was staring at, but the bird stared straight at the ground for about 30 seconds as I watched. Almost frozen, the goose ignored the antics of the other geese as it stood mesmerized by something on the ground.

Then, just as quickly, it meandered off to join the group.


Father, Son, and Rolling Boat

(Perrysburg, OH) While gazing out across the Maumee River this morning, I came across a father and his son launching their boat into the water. They appeared to be on their way to try and catch a few walleye in the spring sunshine.

I am not sure if the expression on the face of the young man is joy, anxiety, or some combination of both.