Hummer Driver

(Toledo, OH) I try to avoid making generalizations about people, but there seems to be something obnoxious about folks who drive Hummers. This particular Hummer driver parked in a pedestrian walkway at a local branch of the Toledo-Lucas County public library. The vehicle remained in this position for at least 20 minutes, and this was not a park-and-dash, just-a-quick-errand sort of scofflaw activity.

I Photo-Shopped out the license plate number as an act of random kindness. Thank me someday, Hummer driver.


Blogger Hooda Thunkit said...


This kind of arrogance/stupidity just cries out for someone with a battery-powered drill and a 1/2" bit, to ventilate all four tires.

Damage that would be more inconvenient to the thoughtless driver than it would be to get fixed...

Alas, I suspect that the act of civil rage would go unrecognized as people with heads this inflated are usually pretty darned thick too.

Grrrrrrrrrr. . .

2:34 PM  

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