Hummer Driver

(Toledo, OH) I try to avoid making generalizations about people, but there seems to be something obnoxious about folks who drive Hummers. This particular Hummer driver parked in a pedestrian walkway at a local branch of the Toledo-Lucas County public library. The vehicle remained in this position for at least 20 minutes, and this was not a park-and-dash, just-a-quick-errand sort of scofflaw activity.

I Photo-Shopped out the license plate number as an act of random kindness. Thank me someday, Hummer driver.


Gothic Revival Door

(Ann Arbor, MI) Pictured on your left is a door in the entryway to the Law Quadrangle at the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor. This is an example of the Gothic Revival style that some America universities embraced in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries.

The small rectangular window - itself sort of a miniature of the doorway - is what intrigued me the most. From the outside it is difficult to see what lurks behind the door, but a person peering out from behind the small window can see people standing outside.

I had some trouble finding a decent light setting that illuminated the doorway's features while not washing out the colors. I ended up playing with the hue saturation level in the editing software to bring up the colors a bit.


Not Quite Raging Floodwaters

(Toledo, OH) Hearing on the news that Northwest Ohio is under a flood watch after heavy rains overnight, I walked to my favorite nearby stream to assess the potential for neighborhood flooding. Alas, Tifft Creek remains fairly low, and I had to work hard to find anything approaching whitewater for this picture.

In the heaviest rains, this stream can approach six feet in depth, but today it looked like a mere two feet of water, barely enough to ruffle the feathers of the hundreds of ducks that camp out here on a regular basis.


Fiery Setting Sun

(Toledo, OH) Through the branches of the trees, the late evening sun looked like it might erupt into flame, scorching everything in its blazing path. After a day in the mid-60s, this was a glowing finale that merited a few shutter clicks.

I accomplished less work on my dissertation, but too bad: a person should be forgiven for soaking up the last rays of a springlike afternoon.


Muskrat and Mud

(Toledo, OH) Pictured on your left is one of the many muskrats that inhabit a public park near my house. The mud in which this particular creature worked is its own creation, as the muskrat tore away quite a bit of grasses and weeds from along the creek bank.

This animal is the largest muskrat I have encountered in the area around my house, and from head to tail it came close to two feet in length.