Brick Pavement

(Toledo, OH) Pictured is a section of red paving bricks just outside of downtown Toledo on Water Street. I liked the way they almost glistened in the late November sun, rich red-and-orange hues that leaped from the street like the tongues of flames. One need not possess 20-20 eyesight or a perfect set of contact lenses to appreciate this burst of color, though fine brick details might get missed.

Brick pavement last centuries, while asphalt and concrete seem to wear out in a decade or so, yet we continue to pump money into these inefficient but "modern" forms of road construction.


Blogger Amazing Gracie said...

Your photography, like your words, is a wonderful expression!

2:30 AM  
Anonymous ksteinhoff said...

Nice image. Here's my version in B&W from Shawnee, an old coal town in southern Ohio.

Click Previous Picture to see the street from a distance.

1:31 PM  

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