Brick Pavement

(Toledo, OH) Pictured is a section of red paving bricks just outside of downtown Toledo on Water Street. I liked the way they almost glistened in the late November sun, rich red-and-orange hues that leaped from the street like the tongues of flames. One need not possess 20-20 eyesight or a perfect set of contact lenses to appreciate this burst of color, though fine brick details might get missed.

Brick pavement last centuries, while asphalt and concrete seem to wear out in a decade or so, yet we continue to pump money into these inefficient but "modern" forms of road construction.


Stark Black Tree

(Ida, MI) The use of a black-and-white image often creates startling effects, as in the case of this bare tree in a Monroe County cornfield. I took the original color photo on a sunny day with deep blue hues in the skies overhead, but the modified image looks dreary and bleak, like the setting for a late fall funeral or war zone.

I find that the authors of the typical electronics blog eschew color for stark realism. I'm not sure this is the best aesthetic approach, though to all bloggers their own color and style schemes.


Wind and Bus Stop

(Detroit, MI) The woman pictured on your left is leaning into a gusty southwest wind that threatened to topple even the heartiest pedestrians the other day. Her quad cane seemed to provide a noticeable amount of additional protection against the November gales, and she subconsciously adjusted her position as the winds rose and ebbed.

Papers, leaves, and branches swept past this patron of the Detroit mass transit system, surrounding her with a cyclonic wave of debris. Yet she never stamped her feet, turned her head from the wind, or exhibited any behavior that could not be described by the word "stoic."


Old Main, Wayne State University

(Detroit, MI) One of the most beautiful buildings on the campus of Wayne State University is Old Main, which entered its four-year period of construction in 1894. Old Main was the first major building of Wayne State, and the building once housed every course offered at this urban center of learning.

I took this photo from the corner of Cass and West Hancock, likely annoying a few motorists while I found a camera angle that captured most of the building while avoiding streetlights and other distractions.


Fifth Third Building, Toledo Ohio

(Toledo, OH) On a recent cloudy day I visited the Toledo riverfront and brought along my camera to snap a few pictures. The Fifth Third Building (formerly the O-I Building until 2007) presented a colorful contrast to the dreary skies overhead, and I enjoyed the lengthy reflection the building left on the choppy river.

I suspect that home theater lighting would be inadequate to light up this aquamarine edifice at night, though I wouldn't put it past a certain image-obsessed local mayor to try this out.

Perhaps the skyline is better with the lights off at night.


Leaf Fencing

(Toledo, OH) In my neighborhood there is an interesting pastime that some area residents engage in; for lack of a better term I call this "leaf fencing," which is the construction of temporary fences to prevent leaves from blowing back on one's property.

Personally I find this approach to be futile, as the leaves will not be deterred by eight to ten feet of fencing, but I admire the persistent folks who fight this death battle against the leaves. Of course, as one of the people who might be classified as participating in leaf slackery, I suppose I am an enabler of leaf terror, but I prefer to wait until most of the trees are bare before putting serious effort into leaf removal. Maybe I should use my outdoor lawn furniture as home theater seating for the autumnal show while I wait for the last leaves to fall.