Child with Pumpkins

(Holland, OH) I'm not sure who the small child in the accompanying photo is, since I frankly felt a bit strange taking a photograph of someone else's kid. Unfortunately, he turned just as I snapped the shutter, and the result was a blurrier image than I might normally post.

A stranger taking one photo is odd, but for me to stand there and take a dozen might border on the bizarre, and might engender a paranoid parental response in this age of seemingly rampant creeps preying on children.

But I digress. What I found amusing was the young man's awe at being surrounded by a sea of orange pumpkins, and suddenly the small gourd he picked up lost a bit of luster. Perhaps a case of the pumpkins being more orange on the other side of the... never mind. Just a brief moment of life, nothing more here.


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