Tomb of Philip II

(El Escorial, Spain) Pictured on the left is the tomb of Spanish king Philip II, which is located in the King's Pantheon at El Escorial, the Royal Monastery of San Lorenzo El Real.

The Pantheon contains 26 marble sepulchers with the remains of the kings and ruling queens of the Spanish Habsburg and Bourbon dynasties from Charles I (HRE Charles V) to the present, with the exception of Philip V and Ferdinand VI.

If you travel to El Escorial, be sure not to use a flash, or you will invite the wrath of the guards. Turn off digital displays and be discreet, and you can take photos without being a pest or - more importantly - without getting escorted out of the facilities.

Of course, you can always feel free to spend your time pricing cat trees online - it's a glorious world, folks.



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