Monasterio de El Escorial

(El Escorial, Spain) I spent a few hours yesterday walking through El Escorial, the Royal Monastery of San Lorenzo El Real, commissioned by Spanish king Philip II. He intended the facility to commemorate the 1557 Spanish victory at the Battle of St. Quentin in Picardy against Henry II, king of France.

El Escorial also serves as a necropolis for the remains of Spanish kings, queens, and members of the royal family. It was a bit creepy to enter these vaults, but I suppose this is not much different than visiting a mausoleum or a cemetery.

I snapped the image while looking out the window from Philip's bedroom antechamber. Cameras are supposed to be prohibited at El Escorial, but I found that the guards only get testy when the flash goes off, or when people might be foolish enough as to bring a Sony Vaio in with them.



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