Fourth Fireworks

(Toledo, OH) The proliferation of high-powered fireworks means that I no longer have to leave my yard to watch several days worth of displays. A number of my neighbors are diehard pyrotechnical maniacs, so we get an endless choice of shows from about June 30 to July 6 each year.

Of course, as I age, I begin to lose my enthusiasm for watching these displays, particularly when I would rather enjoy a quiet evening at home. This is coupled by the fact that some of these fireworks enthusiasts have little training, and frequently begin their shows after a day's worth of pounding cans of Budweiser and doing shots of tequila.

I'd make a crack about gene pools and improvement in the human species through pyrotechnical attrition, but I'd rather just mention that these folks should be glad that there are Medicare advantage options available to them.


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