Veterans' Glass City Skyway Bridge - Toledo

Veterans' Glass City Skyway Bridge - Toledo, aka Toledo's Veterans' Memorial Skyway Bridge(Toledo, OH) I had the opportunity to hang out under the Veterans' Glass City Skyway - also known as the Toledo's Veterans' Memorial Skyway Bridge - yesterday from Water Street. This was the first time I toured the bridge from a ground view, and I was impressed with the simple elegance of the structure in daylight.

There are those who dislike the gimmicky light show that appears each night on the bridge's central pylon, but this electronic display certainly has better aesthetics for the riverfront than, say, the Sun Oil facility on the east side of the Maumee River.

I exchanged pleasantries with a half-dozen folks casting lines for catfish and perch in the Maumee, and shared a few words with a bicyclist named Bill, who wondered what the bridge engineers will do about the ice falling during winter from the stay cables.

I had no answers for Bill, but all was right in Toledo at the moment, though the setting sun told me that my friendly companions would soon be replaced by people of the night, most of whom would be more interested in jacking my camera than waxing poetic about the bridge.



Anonymous Kerry Reynolds said...

Mike, I'm interested in getting permission to use this photo as the basis of a graphic I am creating for use in a logo I am doing for the Toledo Kiwanis Club 100 year anniversary. Please contact me at kayrayhtx@yahoo.com or 713-724-8877. I'm originally from Bowling Green, but have lived in Houston TX since 1984. I get home often, my 85 year old father still lives in BG.

Kerry Reynolds

5:19 PM  

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