Vanity Plate, Self-Centered Driver

(Toledo, OH) I've never had much use for personalized license plates, and I find that many drivers of cars with vanity plates tend to be some of the worst drivers. Such was the case with the pictured motorist, who cut me off on Monroe Street in her haste to make the eastbound I-475 entrance ramp.

So thanks, jackass, for your ignorant driving. And by the way - your physical appearance leaves something to be desired, despite the license plate's proclamation that you are WAY 2 SXC. I'd give you a 5 on a scale of 1-10, even without being irritated at your mobile stupidity.

I'm just saying.

Yet, through it all, I am sure that the cell-phone focused fool made sure that she got a best buy on the latest pop CD that she seemed to be engrossed in obtaining.


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