Hungry Mob Lines Up Outside Papa John's

(Toledo, OH) By 3:45 pm, there were almost 150 people lined up on Dorr Street to take advantage of the $.23 pizza special at Papa John's. Ohio units of the pizza chain are offering large, one-topping pies for 23 cents today as an apology to fans of the Cleveland Cavaliers.

The chain announced the deal after a Washington, D.C., franchisee distributed T-shirts describing Cavs star LeBron James as a "crybaby" during a recent playoff game.

Horns honked as motorists tried to cut through traffic to find a parking place within a few blocks of the store. Personally, as an ex-franchisee of Little Caesars who put on similar low-dollar promotions over the years, the last place I would want to be is in a long line like that.

Still, 23 cents is an awfully inexpensive meal, and perhaps the long line at this pizza franchise is a commentary on the tough economic times.

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