Storm a-Coming

(Toledo, OH) Rolling into Northwest Ohio as I write is a lengthy band of storms from the southwest, a storm system featuring severe thunderstorms and tornadoes. There is an interesting collision of warmer air and colder air that will send temperatures into the high 70s on Friday, and then see them plunge into the 40s on Saturday.

In my area there are some rather strong breezes already, and the rain is intermittent. The most extreme weather will not arive until tomorrow, but in this enhanced image (increased contrast, decreased color), the trees seem to be bending under the weight of the impending storms.

Or so says my imagination; another person viewing the image might just see a few dreary-looking bare trees and some clouds, while yet another might see something happier, like baby gifts.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

We are all children of God. Christ lives and the book of Mormon is another testament of Him. Joseph Smith communed with God and His son, Jesus Christ and he restored His church and is His true church on this earth.


6:56 PM  
Blogger historymike said...

Uh, thanks - I think. Y'all ever find them there Golden Plates?

Just curious...

7:18 PM  

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