Painted Barn of Spartan Fan

(Erie, MI) Though I have lived my life almost exclusively in larger cities, I must admit that there are many aspects of life in a rural setting that appeal to me. I especially like the idea that your piece of land is yours to maintain in the way that you prefer.

Those who own a barn in the country can paint it any way they would like, as did this Michigan State Spartan fan. There are no quota-filling building authorities to meddle in your affairs, no suburban homeowners' associations, and your neighbors are too far away to care much about your property.

Heck, as long as you are not storing dead bodies or behaving in some patently outrageous fashion, you can even let your old barn slowly rot into the ground. I find particularly intriguing those ancient barns that seem to be standing on the strengths of a few remaining beams, those withered old structures that are home to a variety of creatures and feral cats.

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