Comet 17P/Holmes

(Toledo, OH) Yes, this image is mostly a fuzzy blur, but I make no claims of being a particularly skilled photographer. Comet 17P/Holmes is normally far too faint to be seen without a telescope, but a recent explosion on the comet has increased its visibility by over one million times.

For the next few nights, the best time to see the comet is around 8:00 pm EST. Look in the northeastern sky about 30 degrees above the horizon; if you know your nighttime sky, you will see the comet in the constellation Cassiopeia. Those of you who live near the Outer Banks will have the perfect location to see the comet from the beach.

Due to its distance from the sun, there is no tail on Comet 17P/Holmes. Be sure to head outside and see this once-in-a-lifetime sky show.



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