Sunset on Talmadge

red sunset, Toledo (Toledo, OH) In an earlier post on my main blog I groused about urban disconnection with the natural world. This photo is emblematic of that discussion, as I took it while stopped at the light at Monroe and Talmadge; in frustration with my ability to find a clear space to photograph the sunset, I just stuck the camera out of the car window and snapped a few pictures without looking.

The results were almost ethereal, the setting sun emitting an orange-red glow over motorists as they drove to points unknown. If I were in a depressed and highly cynical mood, I might create a metaphor with the red-sun and a hydrogen bomb, but I won't go there.


Blogger Hooda Thunkit said...

Look at all of that clutter/crap.

Someday, the utilities will all be buried, where they belong.

Then, all we have to tolerate is the traffic sign clutter and the crass commercial advertising. . . :-(

6:57 AM  

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