Raspberries Forming

(Toledo, OH) It will be a few weeks before our raspberries are ready for picking, as we have nothing but fuzzy cores from which the berries will grow.

I was prompted to check on my raspberries after a post by Microdot at The Brain Police, whose raspberries have already ripened in southern France.

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Blogger microdot said...

Mike, what type of berries are those?
Mne started to ripen early and I finally have more than I know what to do with...just kidding! We never could make raspberry jam before and now as of today there are 27 jars!
I think we are going to try to publish a dessert cookbook devoted just to raspberries.....
Check out the Linzer Tart recipe I will post tomorrow or monday.

12:59 PM  
Blogger Hooda Thunkit said...

The only ones that I have we get from the store, but the last batch was excellent, nice and big and juicy!

Now, I'm jealous ;-)

5:23 AM  

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