Peony Explosion

(Toledo, OH) Within the past two days I have seen peony flowers blooming all over the city. I hereby declare the city of Toledo to be under a peony alert, as the explosion of bright colors and pleasant aromas may be detrimental to curmudgeons in the area.

As a child I can vividly recall peonies being a sort of magnet for ants. Peonies tend to attract ants to the flower buds because of the nectar that forms on the exterior of the flower buds.

Sure enough, my own peonies are covered with ants, although there are few to be seen in this image. By the way - given the aforementioned propensity of peonies to interfere with the natural groucht lifecycles of curmudgeons, those who dislike peonies might want to consider no exam life insurance as an option.

Given the full force of flower power in Toledo this season, I expect the lifespan of curmudgeons to be quite low.


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