Intrepid Pedestrians

(Toledo, OH) This couple - she with a walker, he in a motorized scooter - does not let their physical limitations get in the way of getting some fresh air in West Toledo today.

They were eastbound on Violet Road when I passed them in the evening, likely headed up to the local Rite Aid down the street.

Should I some day succumb to a physical calamity that inhibits my ability to get around unassisted, I hope that I continue to plug away like these folks. I would not like to end up sitting in a stuffy room all day.

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Blogger Hooda Thunkit said...

Well, the way that they've improved the power chairs, including the stepped-up marketing, the business seems to be gearing themselves up for all of us geezers being on wheels at some point in our lives.

As for the walkers, they seem to breeding like rabbits.

They've even replaced the rear wheels with thick (but small) Teflon skis...

9:46 PM  

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