Deal of the Week

(Toledo, OH) I have been complaining about the high prices of gas, and this week I decided to invest in a more fuel-efficient vehicle. Pictured on your left is my latest rusty-but-trusty vehicle, a 1995 Hyundai Accent.

The car runs smoothly, has only 77,000 miles on it by a single owner, and best of all was a steal at $700. And - to be fair - there is very little rust on this car, so "slightly- rusty- but- trusty" might be a more apt description.

I especially needed a car with better mileage, as I am starting a teaching position in the fall that will require me to rack up about 70 miles round trip each day.

Also: the phrase of the day is "crotchless panty." No special reason - it just sounded goofy.

All right, I shall fess up - I am a dirty, soulless whore for advertising cash. Secret's out.




Blogger Hooda Thunkit said...

I have to admire your style Mike!

You are one clever PERV ;-]

(Say Hi to Fifi for me)

5:07 PM  

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