Thunderstorm at Sunset

(Toledo, OH) I was surprised to hear thunder rumbling in the west after a beautiful spring day. I have always wanted to capture lightning during a storm, so I set up the tripod in my backyard and dodged the early raindrops.

Alas, the lightning kept striking in between pictures, although I like the midnight blue and violet hues in this shot.

I find relaxing the sound of thunder, especially a lazy passing storm without much energy. I sat on the grass for a minute in the still air before the storm arrived, listening to the rolling, growling waves of thunder cross the horizon. For a moment I was completely at peace, no sounds nearby but those made by the sky.


Blogger Hooda Thunkit said...

It's weird how a storm and lightning/thunder can calm, when you would think otherwise.

Now, my cat. . .

12:52 AM  

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