Sleeping Sheltie

(Toledo, OH) No, my dog Jimmy is not dead, but rather he is asleep on the lawn during one of the most pleasurable days yet this spring. This is the kind of weather that calls to us to enjoy the outdoors.

About 1:00 pm I reached my maximum limit of televised coverage of the Virginia Tech massacre and Cho Seung-Hui insanity - of which I of course felt compelled to produce several blog posts - and I shut off the television.

Walking around my backyard, picking up some dead branches from the winter, I got a sense of normalcy that evaded me in my addiction to the non-stop coverage of the tragedy in Blacksburg, VA. I hope that the families of the victims will also gain some peace soon.

Jimmy is still snoring away out back, oblivious to the chaos wrought be the deranged Cho Seung-Hui. Would that I too could tune out the violence that surrounds us.


Blogger Hooda Thunkit said...

Innocent sleep!

8:47 PM  

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