More Tulips Blooming

(Toledo, OH) I photographed these red and yellow tulips during a lull in the thunderstorms that are passing through Northwest Ohio this evening.

I then used a new photo editing program I downloaded called The Gimp 2.2, which has tons of features and - best of all - is available free. I have a lot to learn about this software, but I am told that The Gimp is the equal of PhotoShop.

I used several tools to compensate for the shadows and gloom that made a flashless picture look almost like it was taken at nighttime. The result was a picture with a sort of grainy impressionism happening; click for a larger image.

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Anonymous SensorG said...

Post the before and after.


7:47 AM  
Blogger Hooda Thunkit said...

My son swears by The Gimp; maybe I should try it. (Even though I already have ACDSee and PaintShop Pro... ;-)

12:49 AM  

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