Apple Blossoms at Sunset

(Toledo, OH) My neighbor's apple tree seemed to be glowing as the rays from the setting sun streaked through the pale white blossoms that exploded open over the past few days.

I might not get a chance to photograph it this year, but there is a stretch of Schoenherr Road somewhere near 14 Mile Road north of Detroit in which the thoroughfare becomes a tunnel of pink due to the crabapple trees that line the road.

The first time I drove through that blazing sea of color I thought of Vincent van Gogh, for whom color was of primary importance in capturing mood.

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Blogger Hooda Thunkit said...

We got gypped this year; our flowering crabs blossomed very briefly, before the foliage overtook the blossoms.

The year our daughter got married, they were picture perfect,just flush with gorgeous pink blossoms that peaked the morning of the wedding.

What a gorgeous backdrop that was!

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