Po Moe's: Toledo, Ohio

Left: Po Moe's mobile restaurant; all photos by historymike

(Toledo, OH) Technically speaking this post belongs on Toledo Restaurant Reviews, a site launched by a loose collection of local writers and culinary afficianados. However, there is much more to this story than raving about some great barbecue.

"Po Moe" is Morris Stanley, a Toledoan with dreams of bringing his love of preparing great-tasting food to a wider audience. His operation is based in the cental city on the corner of Bancroft and Sylvan, just west of Detroit Avenue.

"It's called "Po" Moe's because there are few people poorer than me," Stanley joked. "But we love what we're doing and people keep coming back."

Left: ribs and chicken grilling on one of Po Moe's outdoor grills

The restaurant follows the summer festival cicuit in the region.

"We cover a lot of the Detroit area festivals," said Stanley. "We also hit quite a few in Toledo."

One festival in which Stanley will no longer be participating is the Toledo Rib-Off.

"When it was on the riverfront we were there every year," said Stanley. "But we are not going down to Maumee. They want $3800 up front, and there is no boater traffic like when it was on the river."

Left: tending the grill

When not traveling to an event, Stanley keeps the operation up and running on Bancroft.

"We open up on weekends, and any day the weather is decent," said Stanley. "People see the smoke from the fires and smell the barbecue, and they pull right up."

Stanley also holds down a full-time job at BP, so he opens up the restaurant "whenever I can."

I have always been unable to resist passing up good barbecue, just like my inability to decline a bratwurst with sauerkraut. The next time you are traveling near Po Moe's, pull off for some of the best barbecue in the city.


Pumpkin Picking in Ohio

Pumpkins in the fieldLeft: Ripe pumpkins in the October sun

(Toledo, OH) We completed an annual family ritual today, driving out to our favorite pumpkin patch on Albon Road and the turnpike.

Given the fact that Halloween is almost upon us, the proprietor of the farm had dropped his prices to $1 for every pumpkin we picked.

Adding some acorn squash and cider, we loaded up the truck with produce for just a few dollars today.

Sign warning visitors not to smash pumpkinsLeft: Some previous visitors might have been overly agressive with the pumpkins

My 16-year-old genius of a son could not resist defying authority and heaving a rotten pumpkin at one of his siblings, much to my chagrin.

The trip was also noteworthy for my first experience getting hopelessly stuck in the mud, as our Suburban became one with the field muck. It was quite an experience rocking the SUV out of the muddy soup, but we ultimately triumphed.

My children were entertained with several unique forays into vulgarity that I let fly, especially when I got stuck a second time after finally freeing the vehicle. All told, though, we added yet another page to family lore, and the kids have new vocabulary to share with their friends at school tomorrow.


October Snow in Toledo

Strange as it may seem, we received snow in Toledo today. This is the earliest I can ever recall snow appearing.

These were fluffy, hefty fakes, too. Not the light flurries that sometimes appear in fall, masquerading as the real deal.

I'll have to dust off the snow shovel and get ready for an Ohio winter.


Camp Miakonda

Camp Miakonda
Known to Boy Scouts all over southeastern Michigan and Northwest Ohio, Camp Miakonda is one of the premier scouting facilities in the region.

I went on many camping excursions with my sons there, and I recently had reason to visit the camp. This is the wooden bridge that leads into the park.

Walking into the park brought back a flood of good memories, except the trip in which it rained non-stop, and our clothes stayed muddy and damp all weekend. That, and getting used to the loud snoring of other dads in the cabin.

I hope to someday take my grandsons to this pristine wilderness just outside of Toledo.


Toledo Perspectives

I am creating this blog to present images of the city in which I live: Toledo, Ohio. I consider it to be a companion blog to my flagship site, historymike.

The "perspectives" will be of Toledo as well as of a Toledoan (me) as I visit other places.

I hope that you enjoy viewing the world through the lens of my camera. Thanks for visiting!